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October 18, 2018

Whats the biggest life lesson I’ve learned? I share it with TD Jakes in this short video.

One response to “My Biggest Life Lesson

  1. Celebrating my uniqueness.
    I would say that I am definitely like no other. I wouldn’t say I’m better or worst.
    I’m definitely extraordinarily definitely. I like that I kind but also will fight if I have to. I’m protective, loyal I’m strong resilient. I love people and most of time those who may not love me back. I love that I let people live their life, make their mistake and say what they want because that’s the real person I need to deal with. I’m funny, optimistic and and caring most of the time I meet a persons potential before i really get to know them which sometimes can be a curse. I would say that I learn my biggest lesson when I first started kindergarten. My mom said as nice and as caring as you are, everybody is not going to like you or be like you. So I never had a problem with being bullied in school. Sound crazy huh?

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