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October 18, 2018

I had the chance to share my life’s journey after Living Single with Good Morning Texas. Focusing on gratitude, using your voice, and self-love is the pathway to living life to your fullest.

One response to “Healing Your Soul

  1. I was thinking about your gifts acronym. I myself went through a period of depression. My pastor who is no longer here started a charter school his intentions were all pure but he was drug threw the dirt by media and after 4 years of serving at risk kids in 4 different locations the state of Texas shut the school down. I worked at the school for those four yeard, developed relationships with these students and parents and families, which turn out to be So so fulfilling and deeply rewarding. I wasn’t just a teacher, I bought groceries. Put perms in some kids heads, tutored and mentored these kids and Kim I loved every minute of it. I was a stomp coach we won victories together. I was able to show those kids that they were worthy and they could achieve anything with the help of God and determination. But when the school closed I felt like I no longer knew what my purpose was and I fell into depression. Which was so crazy because I always was the one to show the brighter side. But like you said in this clip, its was so hard to be grateful, or be intentional, to forgive, see triump or either have self love when you’re dealing with and are in the most of depression. I didn’t want to get up, or take a bath, brush my teeth from From Monday thru Saturday. I would get up on Sunday go to church, smile for the people even laugh. And went home after church back to depression. I put on a facade for Almost 6 months. But I got up one day put my tv on a Christian channel and let that channel watch me. I never told any anyone this story. Then I started paying attention to some of the songs, some of the stories and testimonies and God healed me from depression.

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